Death Wish Chocolate is back...but not for long.

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Death by Chocolate 

Name a better duo than coffee and chocolate. I dare you. This year, we’re changing the chocolate game with Ethereal Confections to release caffeinated chocolate bars.

After the crazy response to the first release of our coffee-infused chocolate bar, we're bringing it back just-in-time for Valentine's Day. You didn't forget about that holiday again, did you? 

Each dark chocolate bar is infused with our coffee and topped with a blend of cocoa nibs and whole bean coffee to give it an extra caffeinated crunch. Indulge and caffeinate at the same time with chocolate as dark as your soul. 
Our chocolate bars are vegan and gluten-free without sacrificing flavor. In fact, the chocolate is made by sourcing the finest cocoa beans from around the world that match the exact flavor profile of Death Wish Coffee. In short, it tastes like dreams.
Grab a bar for yourself or pick up a few for your sweetheart, too. Death Wish Chocolate Bars are available now as a single bar or in three-packs here
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