Death Wish Headquarters Exposed

By Kristen Underwood — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

What’s Brewing at HQ?


For almost two years, Kristen has been managing the Death Wish Coffee office. You can find her organizing employee events, paying bills, writing blogs, and most importantly, brewing coffee for the crew on a daily basis. 

In this What’s Brewing at HQ series, Kristen tells the world what’s going on behind the scenes at Death Wish Coffee Headquarters.


As winter is coming to an end here in Round Lake, NY, our team is busy preparing for next quarter. We have a lot of exciting new developments in planning that we can’t wait to bring to the surface.



1. Zen Booth

A booming company comes with booming calls. While we’re working hard to keep things on the rise, we’re equally as hard at play. When it gets a little rowdy, we needed a little something to muffle out the noise when we’re taking important calls. While the new phone booth is convenient, being at the front of the office, it is equally as convenient to stare at the person in it as if they’re the coolest, brightest fish in the human fish tank.

2. Sweet 16 Pool

We’ve been brainstorming activities to dive into for team bonding. First up, NCAA bracket. We all threw in $10 and picked a team name at random. Winner brings in $100, 2nd brings in $40 and the team that has the worst luck overall gets their money back. Luckily, I got Kansas. This weekend I’m up against Villanova, who is expected to take the win… but I’m hopeful I’ll take the win, instead. GO KANSAS!

3. Financial Side

We’ve implemented new reporting tools to track sales activity on the E-commerce and Wholesale front, as well as a forecast model to help project potential volume in the future.

4. Employee Week

This week’s podcast featured our newest addition to the Customer Service team, Michael Mullin. You’ll learn about what he does here and what he likes to do when he isn’t here! You’ll also hear some exciting news about spacecraft going into space in the next decade to look for other planets and intelligent life. Stay tuned for more exciting guests and news coming up!

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