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A caffeinated, floating punk paradise:

We're excited to announce that Death Wish Coffee will be aboard The Salty Dog Cruise April 20th-23rd, hand-delivering the world's strongest coffee to everyone on board. The cruise is about to depart for the fourth year, this time with bands like The Offspring, The Vandals, Buzzcocks alongside headliners, Flogging Molly.

We are bringing our Fueled By Death Cast show along to chronicle the adventure, and you can have a chance to go on the cruise and hang with your favorite bands, skaters, DJ's and The World's Strongest Coffee Crew--all expenses paid*. Sign up for a chance to win an oceanview cabin for two aboard The Salty Dog Cruise, plus much more, right here: 

UPDATE: Congrats to our winner of an oceanview cabin and year supply of Death Wish Coffee, Aimie Dixon!

Flogging Molly is a seven-piece Irish-American Celtic Punk band that has toured the world since 1997. Their sound draws heavily on influences like Johnny Cash, The Pogues, and The Clash. You can't help but dance and sing along when they come to town and play. 

In 2015, the band decided to go on a cruise. So they got some of their friends together (who happen to be in some famous punk bands) and told all their fans, and thus the Salty Dog Cruise was born. 

The last time Flogging Molly came to play in Upstate, New York, we invited them to Death Wish Studios to be on our podcast. We talked about the Salty Dog Cruise, and how the idea of putting a bunch of punk rockers in the middle of the ocean with an open bar came to be. You can check out the clip below about the cruise, or watch the entire episode here



Find out more about the Salty Dog Cruise here.


*flight to and from the port not included. Must be 21 to enter.

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