You'll never guess what's inside this donut

By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

A bakery in Australia is serving up their donuts, but with a caffeinated twist. Next time you’re ready to pick up a donut and a coffee, consider combining the two into one. Yes, that’s right. At Kenilworth Bakery, a donut filled to the brim with coffee is a crowd-favorite. Think of a bread bowl filled with soup, but for the sweet tooth and way better.

The bakery perfected their recipe by lining each donut cup with Nutella – this way, the coffee doesn’t leak through the bottom. By the looks of it, you can fill your donut to the top with espresso, a mini-latte, or ever a hot chocolate.

If your sweet tooth is still chomping at the bit for more after your coffee donut, the same bakery sells a donut that weighs over two pounds, and they challenge anyone who dares order it to finish it in one sitting.  


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