This Is Why Growing Fair Trade Coffee Can Actually Help Endangered Species

By Abdullah Wali — / Death Wish Coffee Blog



The benefits of Fair Trade coffee are far reaching and go well beyond just protecting wages and working conditions. In fact, it's not only farmers that can benefit from this type of farming, endangered birds can as well. Most Fair Trade Certified coffee varieties (including Death Wish) are also shade grown. This is when coffee is grown in the shade of tropical forests, home to 150 bird species that the coffee plants protect. When coffee is grown in this type of environment, it provides greater biodiversity and protects both the species and the plantssome of these birds actually kill bugs that are harmful to coffee plants. 

Outside of knowing that your morning brew is benefiting farmers all around the world, it's also helping to protect the animals that depend on it. So every time you purchase coffee (Valhalla and Nitro Brew included) from us, you're taking a huge part in our commitment to Fair Trade values. 


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