Meet the woman who cooks food in her coffee maker

By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

This lady cooks dinner using a regular coffee pot.

Meet Katja Wulff from Sweden, also known as  "the coffee maker chef." Yes, that is literally exactly what it sounds like. Katja has learned the ways of cooking food inside of a coffee maker, and your question is probably the same as mine — Why?  

Her creative way of cooking started in 2009 while she was in college and didn't have a kitchen to cook in. While she didn't have an oven or stove top at her disposal, she began using her grandmother's coffee maker instead. Her first experiment was cooking noodles, which seems easy enough. Since then, Katja has gone on to cook eggs and various desserts using a coffee maker.

Maybe it sounds unappetizing, or maybe it sounds like your next food challenge. Either way, you should probably try this unique cooking method before you knock it. You can find all of Katja's recipe tutorials on her Youtube channel, kaffekokarkocken.

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