Here's how to get a free month's supply of Death Wish Coffee

By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Win free coffee for a month and this handcrafted mug 

As if Friday wasn't already the best day of the week, it's also the day that we hook up one random person with a 30-day supply of the world's strongest coffee. It sounds crazy, perhaps even irresponsible to trust someone with an entire month's supply of really strong coffee. For all we know, you could take that free coffee, drink it all at once, go on a caffeine bender, wake up in a different country with no pants on and nothing but our new 2019 mug in hand. 

Sound fun? We think so, too. To win a month's supply of Death Wish Coffee, simply enter your name and email below. Winners are drawn every Friday afternoon at 3 PM Eastern Standard on our Facebook Live here. 

This week's winner is Kristal Evans! 

Can't get enough free coffee and Death Wish Coffee gear? Check out all of the giveaways we have running right now, including our Valentine's Day sweepstakes for our upcoming Undying Love mug, chocolate, and more on our contest page.  




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