How this company made Agents of SHIELD, American Horror Story, and more come to life

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Meet Tim Jacobsen, the co-founder of FuseFX

Tim Jacobsen is one of the people behind-the-scenes of shows like American Horror Story, The Tick, The Orville, and more who makes them come to life. As the co-founder and chief development officer at FuseFx, he's responsible for more than 600 employees that create the most stunning special effects on TV today. 

And what is it like to work on special effects for shows like Agents of SHIELD? 

"There's always these like Marvel cinematic world things that we have to match and make sure that it's up to Marvel's standards of what they expect. You know, even though it's on the small screen," Jacobsen said. 

One of the most striking scenes is when Robbie Reyes turns into the Ghost Rider, which FuseFX is predicted to receive some recognition for in the industry.

"We're going to get some traction on awards for that. We got recognition for it. But, you know, that was much harder to pull off than I think a lot of people realize, Ghost Rider," Jacobsen said. "

You know, a lot of people look at flames and they kind of think that it's not a hard thing like, "Oh, you just shoot an element." But none of this was shot. It was all created by effects. And somebody is walking or talking and flames have to sort of respond in a very real way."

Learn more about what went into creating Ghost Rider below, and listen to Tim Jacobsen's full Fueled by Death Cast interview here


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