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Free shipping available on all domestic orders for account holders

It's true — we're officially offering free shipping on all domestic orders placed on our website. But you have to have an account with us to unlock the magic. 

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To create an account, follow these steps. Have an account already? Great! Log in here.

Note: Signing up for an account is different than signing up for a coffee subscription or signing up for our email newsletter.

  1. Click this link to be brought to the Create Account page
  2. Enter the form with your first name, last name, email address, and a password
  3. Click "Create" 
  4. Check for a "Customer account confirmation" in your email inbox to confirm that you've activated an account
  5. Enjoy 250 DW Stash Cash that will be added to your account just for signing up!
  6. When you're logged in to this account, FREE domestic shipping will be added at checkout

Making an account on our website not only grants you access to free shipping, but you'll have a number of other benefits, too. 

An account on our website will automatically sign you up for Rewards Points, so it will keep track of points you accumulate with every purchase. You'll earn 1 DW Stash Cash for every $1 you spend with us, and there are tons of opportunities to up your points — like following us on social media, referring a friend, and for your birthday. 

You can then turn these points into discount codes — we award $3 for every 300 DW Stash Cash you collect. You can redeem points in increments of 300 DW Stash Cash. 

Having an account will also allow you to manage your Death Wish Coffee subscription (if you have one), and will allow you to set up your email preferences. 

Mugs up! 

Having trouble logging in? Go to the log in page to try to access your account or reset your password.  But, if you're certain you do have an account but are still having trouble accessing, please send us an email at [email protected] and we'll go ahead to disable the account and send a new invitation, or we can also request a new password.


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