Holiday Gift Guide: The City Dweller

By Death Wish Coffee — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

It's cold and dark in most cities right now— sort of like our hearts— and anyone who lives in one knows that certain essentials are necessary to make it through the day. First, with dirt, grime, and smog around you, all black everything is a must. Second, the stronger the coffee brew, the more walking you can do. And lastly, a reliable hat and scarf set is just basic survival. Below see how to get all of the items from the city dweller holiday gift guide. 

These products are no longer available.

Death Wish Hat and Scarf Set, $19.99

This matching hat and scarf set is the perfect way to stay warm this winter (aside from a hot cup of coffee, of course). 

Chemex Brewer and Filter Set, $59.99

Not only is the Chemex the most attractive brewer on the market, it makes one of the strongest brews.  

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