Take a look at our glazed St. Patrick's Day mug

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Our St. Patrick's Day 2019 mug is coming soon 

Imagine finding this bad boy at the end of a rainbow. Better than a pot of gold, right? Gold inspired our upcoming St. Patrick's Day mug, which we're giving you a first look at. Inspired by Irish folklore dating back thousands of years, this year's mug medallion was designed by printmaker, lo-fi animator, and doodler Scott Minzy


The folklore follows the tale of Caorthannach, the Celtic fire-spitter and Mother of the Devil who hatched deep inside the core of the earth. It was there where she waited until she could send her children, in the form of snakes, to descend upon Ireland. 

It wasn't until hundreds of years later when St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, received a message to save Ireland from evil by banning snakes from the Emerald Isle. St. Patrick was successful in ridding the snakes from Ireland and saving it from evil, but legend has it that Caorthannach is still alive — she's just waiting for the right time to re-emerge. Let's hope that never happens. 

This mug's medallion depicts St. Patrick's defeat of Caorthannach, and is in Deneen Pottery's Ramsey mug style that holds 14+ ounces of coffee. It's in a dijon and green glaze, and the medallion is filled in with a dark green.

Stay tuned! This mug will be available soon. Text MUGS to 484848 to find out the moment it drops, and check out other ways to stay informed. 

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