[RANT] No, using cost effective light bulbs does not make you a "green" company

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

In this age of information available at fingerprints, you're likely to lose followers and fans for treating people like they are complete morons. 

This trickery known as greenwashing, and it's embarrassing for your company. 

When you, hotel company who will remain nameless, put a sign up stating that "As a part of our green efforts, please use the provided towels for your entire stay", usually accompanied by a stock image of a forest or flower, all you're saying is "I want you, customer, to know that I think you're a god damned blockheaded idiot".

When you, grocery store, dim the lights in you coolers with a "Our cooler's lights turn off when not being used in an effort to give back to the environment", you're saying "You will literally believe anything, you no-good, uneducated lamebrain".

Here's the thing: being an environmentally conscious company may save you money in one way or another, but for a company that actually gives a shit about the Earth, it is damn expensive. 

As a brand, saving the Earth is a very easy stance to take, but an expensive one to execute. You are not being progressive by telling the public that you're not out to destroy the world. If you can't back it up with any other solutions than the ones that will save you money, you're a liar and I'm not interested in being your customer. 

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