4 ways to grind coffee beans without a grinder

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

How to grind coffee beans without a grinder

Picture this: It's Sunday morning, you're rolling out of bed after having one too many cocktails the night before, and all you want is strong, dark cup of coffee to bring you back to life. You measure out your coffee beans into your grinder, and you turn it on to watch the magic happen. 

And then it doesn't work. Sounds like a real life nightmare, right? And who wants to leave their house to go to the drive-thru? Let's face it — there's nothing better than home-brewed coffee and then drinking it with no pants on.

Before you start freaking out, don't panic. There are multiple other ways to grind your coffee beans without your grinder. Here's how to grind coffee beans with other household items:

1. Blender

This is probably the easiest fix. Just toss your coffee beans in the blender and blend them on the pulse setting. Make sure you pay attention to how finely you're grinding them depending on your preferred brew method. The blender is best for medium-fine grinds.

2. Use a food processor 

Similar to a blender, use a food processor on the pulse setting, and grind in short, successive increments. This will help all of the beans grind consistently, and is the best if you're looking for a coarse grind.

3.  Mortar and pestle

Save the guacamole for later. This method may take awhile, but it works. Start with a few beans at a time and add more as you go until your desired grind.

4. Hammer

Talk about a stress relief. Put beans in a high-quality plastic freezer bag, and then put it between two towels. Use a meat tenderizing mallet or the hammer in your garage and crush the beans. 

Of course, using a regular coffee grinder is the best way to grind your beans, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Besides, it's better than the alternative of no coffee at all. That's the real nightmare. 

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