11 Stories Of The Most Hardworking People We've Ever Met [WATCH]

By Abdullah Wali — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Throughout 2017 we had the opportunity to meet hundreds of people who have shown us how Death Wish Coffee lives. Our video series "Grind It Out" was dedicated to telling some of those stories through the hard-working people who start their day with us. From a boxer to a radio host all the way to a hairstylist we spent a day in the lives of some of these people so we could find out exactly how that fuel gets used. 


Why Being A Barista Is The Best Job With Coffee Shop Owner, Ron 

Ron let us into his world as the part owner of a small coffee shop with two location. His life took him from on the streets to running an incredibly successful small business. Here he shows us how coffee completely changed his life: 


What A Modern Day Blacksmith Looks Like With Elisa Coakley-Koch

Elisa Coakley Koch doesn't look like your typical blacksmith, that is, a woman. She took us into her world and her at home shop where she explained the changing industry and let us watch her create incredible works of art through metal. 


Two Married Tattooers Show Us What Work-Life Balance Really Look Like With Pete and Mel Clarke 

 Pete and Mel Clarke are both tattooers who met each other in the field. Together they've been able to have a family and budding careers as artists. As we found out in the video, however, these things don't come without challenge. 


A Boxing Coach Went From Junior Champion To Life-Changing Coach 

Tyrone Jackson is one of a kind. He was a boxing champion in the 80s who decided to dedicate his life's work to training and working with underprivileged youth in the boxing gym. He also has a full-time job managing a deli, making his days long and difficult. Of course, he does each task with a smile constantly pointing back to his love of the sport. 


Chef Rory Satran Explains Why Working In A Kitchen Is The Most Rewarding Job

 Chef Rory Satran owns a restaurant in Saratoga Springs, NY where he took the concept of comfort food and made it modern. He worked in kitchens his whole life and the lessons he learned with them shaped who he is today.  


Millions Of People Listen To This Coffee Addict Every Morning With Bethany Watson 


After working her way through local stations, Bethany Watson found herself on one of the biggest morning radio shows in America. Now her early routines, appearances and in general crazy hours are fueled by coffee and passion for the job. She took us behind the scenes of Elvis Duran:


This 40 Year Farrier Knows The Name Of Every Horse He's Ever Worked With With Mike Gentile 

Mike Gentile has been shoeing horses since he was young. 40 years later he still has the same passion and drive as he did when he first started his work. One of the craziest things we learned about him though? He still remembers the name of every horse he's ever worked with. Check out a day in his life below. 


Grind From Not Knowing What To Do To Owning A Successful Salon 

Claire Harris didn't quite know what direction to go. With a young baby and a job she didn't love she decided to switch careers and go for her passion. 



Floral Designer Who Carved Out Space For Herself 

Floristry is an international trade that's popularity has grown through the last century. Colie Collens set out to carve her own place within that through her business "Flower Scout" where she creates unique arrangements with local, in season plants. We spent a day with her to figure out what exactly goes into this type of work:


This Farmer Is Trying To Change The Way We See Food With Tim Bellow 

What we eat matters. That's why Tim Bellow threw caution to the wind when he set out to build his own organic farm and CSA program in upstate New York. We followed him from his 3 am wake up call all the way through the laborious work day to hear why he does what he does. 



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