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There are one million people who work in the hair industry in the USA. It's long hours, stressful days on your feet and a ton of coffee. Claire Harris resisted her passion for hair for several years until she finally realized that the trade was not only something she could have fun doing, but it was also hard work that would allow her to help people see their true selves.


 On how she got into the business: 

I first knew I wanted to get into hair probably much after I was already into hair. From the time I was a little girl trying to braid the cat's hair to my brother's to any victim. I would bribe the babysitter by saying, "I'll clean, I'll do anything. Can I just play with your hair for the first hour that you're here?" I just loved creating. 

Fast forward, I was working at the Boys and Girls Club. I waitressed down on the South End in Albany at the coffee shop and did whatever odds and ends I could do to make money and go to college at the same time. I felt really sad that I knew I was meant to do something else. There was something inside me that just felt broken. When people along the way would make suggestions and say, "Have you ever thought about doing this?"


On why she loves her grind:

"It's incredibly special to be a hairstylist with unique nature of being extremely close to people, I'm able to be creative in endless ways. I'm able to be creative with the way that I talk to you. I'm able to be creative in the way that I do your hair, the way that I teach you, so a good hair stylist is someone who's teaching their clients about hair care, maintenance, self-esteem. 'You're beautiful, and I need you to see that.'"


On why her job is important: 

"To keep it simple and concise, I love my job. I get to be authentically myself and really pushing out that frequency of who you are, I love what this does with being able to work directly with people and to shine light directly upon people."







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