Hana Devore talks about coffee and fitness

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

How does coffee affect working out? 

The health benefits of coffee are coming more widely known — it's packed with antioxidants, helps your brain function properly, curbs depression, and can even enhance exercise performance. Some even use it as an all-natural pre-workout — and every morning before the gym, athlete and fitness model starts with a cold brew.

On this clip from Fueled By Death Cast 107, we asked athlete and fitness model Hana Devore what her thoughts are on drinking coffee and exercise. Hana keeps track of her diet and workouts and values the boost that coffee gives her.

 We asked her what she thinks about the health benefits of coffee and how much she drinks. Hint: it's a lot.

"I mean I think most of what I've read has been positive, right? I drink a ton of it. Through body building I discovered how you can get yourself into adrenal fatigue but that that's not just caffeine related, there's so many things. So I ended up having to do a quick caffeine detox," she said."

"I did it for three weeks after I had been competing and I had stressed myself out mentally and physically so much that I actually I got everything tested, my hormones and my adrenals and my cortisol was all messed up. I had to do a quick caffeine break. But I think that most of the stress was actually coming from two workouts a day, mental stress, trying to work, not eating enough."

Watch more from from this clip from the podcast below, and listen to her full interview here.


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