Happy Birthday, Mary Koslow!

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

From all of us at Death Wish Coffee Company, Happy Birthday Mary!

Today is a wonderful person's birthday — Mary Koslow, mother of Death Wish Coffee's owner and founder, Mike Brown.

Mike's mom Mary has been his biggest supporter since day one. Literally. And when it comes to our charity events, she does everything she can to make a difference. 

Mary makes Death Wish Coffee themed hanging towels, and they're a fan favorite in the office (I have one with a pug on it that I absolutely love). But the best part about these towels is that all the money Mary raises from selling them goes directly to charities we're involved with — whether it's Toys for Toga, Operation Sandbox, or Riki's Ride

Currently, each towel she sells ($25) helps her buy toys for underneath our Christmas tree. These toys, as part of Toys for Toga, go to children in need around Saratoga County during the holiday season. How amazing is that?

She posts them in our Death Wish Coffee Community Facebook page or on her Etsy page, Maksnmolly.

What's even more amazing than not burning yourself when you pull something out of the oven is knowing that the money from your towel goes directly to a charitable cause.

Thanks for everything you do, Mary! We hope your birthday is as great as you are.

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