10 memes only coffee-drinking Harry Potter fans will understand

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Happee Birthdae, J.K. Rowling! The author famous for the Harry Potter series turns 54 today, and the boy who lived himself turns 39.

If you're like me, the release of Harry Potter series in 1997 changed your life.And there's, I repeat, NOTHING, better than sipping on a strong cup of coffee and re-reading the same books that shaped my childhood or watching all 8 Harry Potter movies. 

To celebrate, we compiled 10 memes that tea-drinking Muggles simply won't understand. After all, coffee is the original black magic. 

How I felt the first time I ever drank coffee. 

Yer a wizard, Harry. 


My patronus is coffee. 

When I get to work and we're all out of coffee.

Consider yourself warned.

Before coffee: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good
After coffee: Mischief managed

Without coffee, I'd be killed, or worse, expelled by now.

When someone tells me I drink too much coffee.

Shove off, Malfoy.

When my main goal for the day is to drink so much coffee that I forget my responsibilities and possibly my name, too. 

Accio refill.

Waking up and realizing my coffee maker broke. 

Riddikulus? I think not. 

When I make the perfect cup of coffee. 

I've got the House Cup in the bag. 


 "Would you like a refill?"

OK but seriously looking at this gif is enough to make me cry.  

I drink a magical cup of hot bean juice every morning and you're trying to tell me Harry Potter isn't real? 

Psh. Muggles.

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