Here's who won free coffee for a month

By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Here's who won this week's giveaways

Free coffee for a month and a handcrafted mug

Our weekly giveaway for a month's supply of the world's strongest coffee and a handcrafted 2018 mug gives you a shot at trying our original Death Wish blend every single Friday. Whether you've been brewing up our brew for years or are just hoping to get your first taste — we'll draw someone new every Friday afternoon to receive a month's supply of our blend!  

Congrats to Kellie Butchino as this week's winner!

Winners of the Frau Perchta mug set

Frau Perchta is watching, and soon she'll be coming for you. Before we release this handcrafted winter mug set on our website, we gave away a few sets to three lucky people. Here's who won: 

Sergio Gonzalez
Linda Schroeder
Robert Horan

If you're not won of this week's winners, don't worry. Neither am I! Lucky for us losers, there's still plenty of chances to win — including this giveaway for our upcoming holiday diner mug sets and our weekly giveaway of free coffee for a month


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