Here's who won our holiday mug set (+more!)

By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Winners announced

Christmas is right around the corner now and it's scientific fact that your level of holiday spirit is directly correlated to the levels of caffeine in your system. To help raise the holiday cheer even further, we're releasing this 4-piece holiday-themed Diner Mug set. Before the release, though, we ran a giveaway for one lucky elf to go home with the set and a pound of the world's strongest coffee. Congratulations to Laura Crotty! Head here to see the full holiday mug set.

Free Coffee for a month and a handcrafted mug

There are only a few more chances this year to win free coffee for a month and our 2018 edition Death Wish Coffee mug. This week's winner is Rodney Sherrick! Next week is the last week to win the 2018 mug before we switch over to our 2019 edition Death Wish Coffee mug. You can enter to win here.

Winners announced every Friday at 3 PM Eastern Standard on Facebook Live.

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