Holiday Gift Guide: The Tradesman

By Death Wish Coffee — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Let's be honest: every time you go to get a gift for the construction worker/artisan/tradesman in your life, the first thought you have is tools. Well, maybe (just maybe) this year, you can get them something that they actually want but will still be useful. Below we list a few ideas you might want to consider. 


Oxxboxx Coffeeboxx , $249.99

The Oxxboxx is a portable single-cup brewer that's super tough, portable and of course, perfect for the 10-pack Death Cups that come with your order.

This item is no longer available. 

Death Wish Coffee Stanley Thermos, $44.99

The Stanley Thermos that allows you to take a full pot of coffee and keep it hot all day. 

 This item is no longer available.

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