How Michelle Pfeiffer learned how to do all her own whip stunts as Catwoman

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 How Anthony DeLongis trained Michelle Pfeiffer to be Catwoman

It's common that actors and actresses — particularly in action-packed movies — have stunt doubles for their tricks, or even CGI. 

But not Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, thanks to Anthony DeLongis. 

"None of the other stunt girls got anywhere near her ability with the whip," DeLongis said. 

Photo source: The Golden Closet

In this clip from episode 92 of Fueled By Death Cast, weapons master and stunt choreographer Anthony DeLongis talks about training Michelle Pfeiffer for her role as Catwoman in Batman Returns. DeLongis was on set with Michelle as she became very comfortable with her whip and she did all her own whip stunts — the two of them even came up with some improvisation that made it into the finished movie.

Watch the video below to learn more about how DeLongis trained her and how an improvised move made the final cut.

Listen to Anthony DeLongis' Fueled by Death Cast episode here



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