From start to finish, here's how we made our On the Go coffee kit

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Death Wish portable coffee kit coming soon

There is nothing worst than being stuck drinking bad coffee. You know you've been there — in a hotel room, on a campsite, at your in laws, just dying for a cup of the good stuff. 

A Death Wish On the Go kit sits on a table. This kit shows two mugs, a pack of coffee, and a canvas bag with a Death Wish logo

That's exactly why we wanted to come out with a new product to solve this exact problem: A portable, travel-sized coffee kit. We're always trying to change the coffee game here at Death Wish, and we think this product will do just that. 

Our On the Go Kit includes a 10-count box of single serve pour over coffee pouches (single use), 2 enamel mugs, and a canvas bag. All you need to do is add hot water. That way, no matter where you are, you can enjoy a cup of fresh, strong coffee. 

We love to give you a behind-the-scenes look on the process into this product. I sat down with Thomas Dragonette, our Art Director, who oversaw the creation of the On the Go Kit from start to finish. 

Q: What gave you the idea to produce an on the go kit?

TD: Too many times I've been on the road — camping, on a skate trip, or for business — only to greet the day with an atrocious cup of coffee. That is not something I'm willing to accept as I grow older in years. This made me think that since most of our community is even more passionate about their coffee than I am, why should they also suffer the pain of sub-par coffee?  Whether they're living out of the back of a van on a road trip, waking up at the in-laws or avoiding crowded, watered-down hotel coffee pots, a proper cup should always be an option. 
So I revisited the survival kit we did a few years ago and thought about ways we could improve upon that. I wanted to make something that was nice too look at, easy to travel with, and could make a strong cup of coffee wherever hot water was available. 
That resulted in a lot of research for inventive new ways to brew coffee, ultimately landing on these single-serve pour-overs. I'm not even exaggerating that the flavor and strength from these pouches is almost indistinguishable from our ground coffee. 
Q: What was it like trying to design something that's compact and easy to travel with? What challenges did you have during the design phase?
TD: It was definitely a challenge. First off, you need cups that can travel. Obviously glass and ceramic is not ideal for being thrown around the back of a car, so enamel camping cups seemed like a logical choice there.  Since they were so well received last time, it was a no brainer to do them again. Plus they just look really sweet. 
The coffee was clearly the toughest part. There are lots of portable brewers on the market, but they never seem to deliver as promised, or they just have way too many little pieces. I was recently on a southwest camping trip with my brother and we bought a little camping coffee set and it was a nightmare, so that stuck with me. These little pouches can fit in your pocket if need be. They latch on your cup and when you are done you can just toss it in the fire or trash or compost pile. No worries about losing pieces or breaking anything. 

What are you most excited about releasing this product?
Selfishly, I'm stoked to have good coffee next time I hit the road, but really I'm most excited to see how people put this to use. It's so cool to see our people's journeys and how our coffee plays a role in that. I'm hyped to see where our coffee travels. Even if it's in someones kitchen, because these work really well at home too.
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