An Inside Look into Death Wish Coffee [2 Minute Read]

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Every single day, the Death Wish team meets around our rectangular coffee table in the center of our often disheveled office space. The "office" is actually just a warehouse with a couple of desks, dressed with artwork given as gifts from our friends and fans.

We open the bay door when it's nice out to allow the sun to come through, giving us a view of the twin warehouse across the street. We meet and bounce ideas around about what steps we can take to keep fans happy and, with that, maybe one day look across the street and call that warehouse home, too.

 Not one of our team of nine has had experience in our respective position here. Before we were accountants, or roasters, or graphic designers for Death Wish Coffee, we were fans.

The topic at our meetings has been mostly the same lately: What can we do to rally votes for Intuit's Big Game contest? The answer is similar to many that we have had, often for questions not similar at all: 
ask our fans.

Our goal is to bring the World's Strongest Coffee to every pair of hard working hands, chipping away at goals of their own. If you're ever wondering why you see an email or a post asking you to vote nearly every day, it's because you are a part of our team. 



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