Into the Team of Death Wish Coffee: Art Director Thomas Dragonette

By Thomas Dragonette — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

A lot of people ask us how we ended up with the team that we have here at Death Wish Coffee. Here's an inside look into how we came upon our incredibly talented art director, Thomas Dragonette. 


Above: Thomas editing images for the Death Wish Nitro release

Last year, this time, I was at a decisive moment in my life professionally. The full-time design job I had was not cutting it anymore—I was totally burned out in every capacity. So to help fill the void, I started to put my feelers out to see what freelance jobs were floating around the wretched world of internet job postings. 

Above: A much needed business card redisign by Thomas for Death Wish Coffee
Fortunately, I had landed a couple pretty cool gigs. One was for Tata Harper and the other was for a cool catering business called Airstream Catering Co., that needed to have a total branding campaign created. While I was working those jobs I was also continuing my hunt for more work, when I stumbled upon a design job for a small company I was only sort of familiar with. Death Wish Coffee Co.
Above: a project done by Thomas for Airstream Catering Co.
After a few meetings and "interviews" with the team, over the course of a couple months, I felt a great vibe with the team and company and decided this was the right path for me.
Above: Survival Kit Coffee Set designed and photographed by Thomas, sold out
Damn, did I make a great decision!  This last year has an amazing experience and I am super grateful for the opportunity to use my talents to work for this team of talented, dedicated and wild, dudes and dudettes.
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