Jason Mraz talks about growing coffee on his farm in California

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Jason Mraz talks about owning a coffee farm during Death Wish visit

Jason Mraz is known for his hit songs "The Remedy," "I'm Yours," and "I Won't Give Up." But what some people might not know is that in addition to being a musician, he's a farmer.

Mraz owns one of the only coffee farms in the state of California, located in Oceanside (about 40 miles north of San Diego). There, he grows avocados, more than 40 different fruit varieties, and coffee. The farm is called Mraz Family Farms, and it opened in 2015.

"We purchased a little over 2,000 coffee trees and put them between our avocados," Mraz said at a recent visit to Death Wish Coffee Company. "Now they're about as tall as us and next year will be our first significant harvest."

Mraz said they harvested about 15 pounds of coffee this year, and they're hoping it'll be ready to drink by Christmas. By 2020, he's hoping to increase his coffee harvest to somewhere in the hundreds.

Coffee trees take about 3 to 5 years to reach a height of six feet and can take longer to flower and produce fruit. 

Photo source: Mraz Family Farms

Mraz was inspired to grow coffee by his wife, Christina Carano, who loves coffee. Originally, their farm only grew organic avocados.

"Coffee was a big addition to that diversity, and I liked it for her," Mraz said. "I was like, 'You like coffee? I'm gonna grow you some coffee.'"

The Mraz Family Farm has about 10 total acres, and 7 are occupied by coffee trees. Growing coffee in the United States is uncommon because of its climate — and the United States is not located in the coffee belt.  But there are an increasing number of coffee farms in Hawaii, Florida, and of course California. Currently, there are about 30 coffee farms in California as of early 2018, and that number is growing. 

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