Like Bruce Springsteen AND podcasts? Meet the founder of Bosscast

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

John Murray breaks down Bosscast on Fueled by Death Cast

John Murray is a comedian and featured player in the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City, a theatre home to the best live comedy in the city. He also has an inherent love for Bruce Springsteen — so why not start a podcast about him? 

Murray is the host of The Bosscast, which started in July of this year. On the show, he talks about all things The Boss with people who love, well, The Boss.

"I just did it. I did it on a whim," Murray said on Fueled by Death Cast about starting The Bosscast. "This was like I'll just going to have to be a little bit of a passion project. I don't care. I made a web series with a buddy of mine named Jeff Garlock."

"We made that with the intention of like we're going to make this web series and we're going to sell it and we're going to see how far we can take it. We sold it to IFC and they put it up on their website and stuff like that. We're like, 'Yeah. We did what we wanted.' With this, we had no plans. I didn't have any of that. I'm just like, 'I'm just going to sit down and talk to people about Bruce Springsteen and just keep recording it because I find it fun.'"

Learn all about his new podcast at and listen to his entire interview with Jeff and Dustin on Fueled by Death Cast at

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