Make this Keto cold brew drink for a caffeinated boost

By Dustin Alexander — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Recipe: Death Wish cold brew with a Keto twist

Keto Cold brew is by far my favorite pre-workout beverage. I get the ketones I need for sustained endurance, an energy boost from the metric truckload of caffeine, and a flavor worthy of Viking gods. However, the last thing I want to drink after a sweaty workout, or even on a hot day, is a steaming tankard of coffee.

But fear not, my ketogenic caffeinated coffee consumers! I present to you the ultimate iced Keto coffee recipe. This cold brew is frothy, delicious, and incredibly refreshing. Who needs coffee shops when you can make Keto cold brew easily and affordably at home? And of course, Death Wish coffee works perfectly in this cold brew recipe, giving you the caffeine boost you need along with your ketones.

Note: For those who don’t know, the Keto diet is based on the concept of ketosis, in which more of the body’s supply of energy comes from ketones, which the body makes from fat, instead of glucose, or sugar/carbs.


    • One cup of cold brew (made with our recipe here)
    • 2-4 drops of stevia leaf extract
    • 1-2 tablespoons (depending on your tolerance) of vanilla-flavored emulsified MCT oil
    • 1 scoop of pure hydrolyzed collagen protein. This protein is awesome for keeping your bones strong for the next punishing workout session, and it’s good for your skin, too. Plus, it gives the desired thickness to your drink.
    • A splash of New Barn almond milk. Unsweetened is available if you’re concerned with staying in your ketogenic state. This brand is particularly awesome due to its impressive froth factor.

    How to Make It

    • Step 1: Mix all ingredients in the blender.
    • Step 2: Blend at medium-high speed for 30 seconds.
    • Step 3: Pour slowly over ice.
    • Step 4: Start chugging your ketones!



    • Leave the collagen protein behind if you’d like to keep your drink vegan.
    • Keep it in a giant thermos to have a blast of delicious cold energy on hand all day.
    • If you like to drink your coffee black and are not concerned with silly words like “ketosis” and “MCTs,” then this cold brew recipe might not be for you, and that’s OK! You do you, keep kicking ass, and we’ll be here when you need cheetah-like speed.

    Don’t have time to wait for the grounds to steep for this recipe? Save yourself a step and use a can of our black cold brew. It’s the same premium, organic Death Wish coffee you love, with the same awesome jolt of caffeine, but it’s already steeped and ready to go, so you can make your Keto cold brew coffee right away and get on with life.  Our black cold brew is rich, smooth, and delicious, so you don’t need to add anything to it to enjoy it. Either way, you’ll get the world’s strongest coffee that’s perfect for a hot day or a post-workout treat.

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