L.A.'s Coffee Cafe has been fueling Three Rivers, MI for two decades

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

The town of Three Rivers, Michigan, has a population of less than 8,000 people. Many of the town's citizens get their morning cup of joe in a former power pump house, where the Rocky River runs right underneath — enter L.A.'s Coffee Cafe

L.A.'s Coffee Cafe was founded in 2000 by Leslie Robbins, her husband, Jerry Robbins, and Aimee Robbins. It was always Leslie's dream to open her own coffee shop, so when her dream became a reality, they decided to name it after her — L.A. stands for "Leslie Ann."

The power pump house turned coffeehouse has been selling Death Wish Coffee for about three years. It's served hot and iced, and the shop also sells 1-lb bags so the residents of Three Rivers can make the world's strongest coffee in their office or kitchen. 

L.A.'s Coffee Cafe was the site of a Riki's Ride Death Wish Coffee stop last summer, and they helped raise money for Stop Soldier Suicide. Riki Racthman and Lea Vendetta traveled the United States last summer on a motorcycle to raise money for this veteran organization. The organization provides mental health counseling, housing assistance, emergency financial aid, alternative therapies, and more. 

"Stop Soldier Suicide is an awesome cause," Aimee said. "We at L.A.'s Coffee Cafe stand beside our veterans ... They fought for us and we should be taking care of them." 

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