Learn About Composting Day (With Your Coffee)

By Death Wish Coffee — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Composting and coffee go together like coffee and more coffee.

May 29th is Learn About Composting Day, a way to raise awareness about the benefits of composting. Never heard of composting? Think of it as a cheap, effortless way to create a natural nutrient-based soil while minimizing kitchen waste. Basically, it’s good for the planet and the planet has coffee, so that’s why you should do it.

A photo of an arm holding a bucket filled with dirt and coffee grounds

If you drink a s**t ton of coffee like me, you have way too many coffee grounds. Like an unhealthy amount of coffee grounds. And if you’re especially like me, you feel bad when the coffee is done and it’s time to throw out the grounds (4 post by 12pm, not sorry). Instead, starting a compost, and dumping your coffee grounds in there, have some benefits: 

  • Coffee grounds provide a nitrogen source to a compost and can actually help enrich soil.
  • Coffee grounds help speed up the composting process, and gives you super nutrient-rich fertilizer (plus, worms love it obviously, it’s coffee).
  • The excess acid released from the coffee grounds helps “heat” up the decomposition, providing additional nutrients like, calcium, potassium, and iron 

You can even directly add coffee grounds to soil to help enrich it (can plants taste caffeine?) 

Do you use our Death Cups at home? You can rip those bad boys open, and pour the used coffee grounds in your compost. 

So keep drinking coffee (or amp it up, why not?), start a compost, reduce your waste, and save the planet that gives us coffee. 

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