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Death Wish Coffee is the World's Strongest Coffee in both caffeine and flavor, due to the combination of beans we use and our unique roasting process. We take pride in using only the best equipment and highest quality beans on the market.


Roast Shade


French Roast

The common myth that light roasts contain more caffeine than dark roasts has been long debunked. Knowing this, we were able to use the roast shade entirely for enhancing the flavor of Death Wish Coffee, without any reservations. 

The main goal when creating Death Wish Coffee was to provide the strongest flavor and highest caffeine content. After testing and tasting several combinations of shades and beans, the French Roast was the clear cut winner.



India and Peru

The beans that are used in Death Wish Coffee are usually from India and Peru. Like any plant, coffee is a crop and weather factors can affect the strength and flavor of the beans. 

While the Indian and Peruvian beans give us the best results 99% of the time, we are constantly testing them to be sure they're the strongest, highest quality, and most delicious beans of the season. 


Type of Coffee

Arabica and Robusta

The high majority of Death Wish Coffee is sourced with arabica beans--the gold standard of the coffee industry. They provide a smooth, never bitter taste that is recognizable in every bag of Death Wish Coffee.

Arabica's distant cousin, the robusta bean, has held a bad rep due to the lack of care many roasters put into buying them. In recent years, they have been cultivated more carefully and have gained popularity. We experimented with several different robusta beans before finding one as delicious as the Indian Robusta currently in Death Wish Coffee. This small percentage of robusta adds more caffeine and a bit of a bite to the flavor.


Green Friendly

Organic and Fair Trade

Coffee that isn’t USDA Certified Organic is fertilized with synthetic nitrogen and phosphates, destroying groundwater in already impoverished countries. These same chemicals deplete vital nutrients in the soil, while adding toxic waste. We are proudly certified USDA organic.

Coffee that isn't Fair Trade may use slave labor, terrible working conditions, and even toxic chemicals. Our Fair Trade certification means that the farmers of our coffee get a livable wage and fair working conditions.


Roasting Process

The Loring Kestrel Roaster 

We searched for the best roaster on the market, and found it. The Loring Kestrel uses very low oxygen protects the natural flavors of the coffee. Since there is no direct heat on the bean, Death Wish Coffee is never scorched or burned like many traditionally roasted coffees.

Not only is this roaster the most powerful roaster on the planet, it is also the most efficient. 



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