London is now literally running on coffee

By Kristen Underwood — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

London Buses Will Be Fueled By Coffee

Last month, London Mayor Sadiq Khan admitted that “roughly speaking, more than 9,000 Londoners die prematurely because of the poor-quality air.”

As a result of this alarming statistic, there is now a charge known as the "Toxicity Charge" which is roughly $13 a day for anyone driving into the city center in vehicles powered by engines that do not meet the latest European Union emissions standards. This charge bringing the cost of a weekday cruise into the city center for almost $30, making your daily tea or double espresso cost just another stress added to the list during the holidays.

How can this health crisis be fixed? The latest idea, believe it or not, is coffee grounds. That’s right, coffee really does make everything ‘okayer’.

Thankfully, Londoners consume an average of 2.3 cups a day, leaving approximately 200,000 tons of used grounds perfect for the news release from Bio-Bean stated. They then collect the waste from coffee shops all around and process the sludge into the oil. This fresher alternative has been introduced to the city’s bus line, to fuel them, along with their already caffeinated passengers, through the busy days. The first batch of 1,580 gallons would power one bus for a year, according to Bio-Bean. Local official figures reported in 2015, London’s buses used 240 million liters of diesel fuel a year. Talk about taking a huge leap in the right direction.

Moving ahead, city authorities will be ensuring that an increasing number of buses are fueled by blends of diesel and biofuels produced from products such as waste cooking oil and tallow from meat processing companies. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a coffee, take a seat and let the ‘grounds’ bring you wherever you desire. Like everyone in the Death Wish office, London is now literally running on java.


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