Here's What We're Doing With The Golden Ticket Mug That We Lost

By Jeff Ayers — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

In the past, Golden Ticket days meant that a few orders on a certain day would win an advanced edition of the newest mug we put out.  For the upcoming Harvester of Souls mug, we did something even bigger. We gave away 15 mugs in a variant color scheme, making them the rarest mugs we ever made. Something happened though... 

When we placed the order, there were actually 16 mugs, and one was supposed to come to Death Wish HQ to be photographed before the Golden Ticket day. That mug got lost in the mail - until it showed up at our doorstep almost too late.

Now YOU have a chance to win this rare mug from our show, Fueled By Death Cast. Every week hosts D-Man and The Incredible Jeff tackle a new topic on the segment What Fuels You. There is something that fuels all of us, to get up in the morning and go about our day. We want to hear about what that thing is for you, and you can win this mug and be featured on Fueled By Death Cast.


  • Record a short video SHOWING us WHAT FUELS YOU. It can be anything from working out, to your favorite collection, or even your pets! 
  • POST the video to any social media - Instagram, Twitter, Facebook - and use the hashtag #fueledbydeathcast
  • Contest entries can be posted until the end of the day on Monday, Nov 20. Winner will be announced on Fueled By Death Cast THE SHOW on Wednesday, Nov 22.

*If your social media is set to 'private' your entry will not be able to be seen, so make sure you post your video to a public social media profile and use the hashtag #fueledbydeathcast*

For all the information plus examples from D-Man and Jeff, check out the clip below from Fueled By Death Cast. 

Good Luck!


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