Meet Holly Snyder, the woman behind RikisRacPac and Death Wish community member

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Holly Snyder first found out at Death Wish Coffee in 2012 when she was working with the CMO of Tuner Motorsports, Ted Bullard Jr. She signed up for emails, spent an entire weekend at the Nascar Truck and Nationwide race tweeting #fueledbydeath — and six years later, she really is fueled by death.

Holly also plays a huge role in Riki's Ride. This year, Riki Rachtman is riding across the United States to raise money for veterans and soldier suicide

Without our dedicated community, Death Wish Coffee Company wouldn't be where it is today. Because of this, we want to introduce you to the people who drink Death Wish all day long. 

Read more about Holly below.

How do you brew your coffee?

I generally use a percolator and occasionally we use a small Mr. Coffee. I'd be interested in a Chemex but haven’t purchased one yet.

 How do you drink your coffee? 

 Just a bit of creamer, no sugar.  But my coffee HAS to be HOT!  So as I mentioned in my interview with the Death Cast, I use warmers — but not the usual ones you can buy on Amazon, they barely keep the coffee warm. I buy the 4 cup Mr. Coffee makers and take the top part off and have about 4 of these all around my house, these keep my coffee HOT! I can’t drink lukewarm coffee — even in the middle of summer, I have been known to sit poolside with my coffee mug on a warmer! 

You're pretty involved with Riki's Ride. How'd that come to be? 

 Well I love to support all of Riki’s projects. First let me say why I am such a big fan of Riki’s. When he was first on Headbanger’s Ball, my husband and I were dating and each Saturday night we would get together and watch the show together!  So my memories from back then included Riki on Headbangers Ball as one of the things Bill and I had so much fun doing in our early dating times!  I always tell people I am a fan of Riki, it is because he had a part in the romance of my soulmate!  So when I first saw Riki online, I knew I had to try to be friends with him.



What do you do for Riki's Ride?   

I do a little bit of everything. As you know, I approach sponsors for him. Over the years I have given many presentations to companies and try to secure sponsorships for him and I hook him up with RacPac members that want to meet him on the road. I also take the cities he is planning on stopping and look up which radio station in that area streams his show and hit them up to take him out to dinner and possibly book him a hotel room while he stays in their area, and I also see if they will entertain him while he is in their area. I have had much success in that.  I am NOT afraid to ask someone to host him! 

I also have worked on hooking him up with appearances on TV shows and events.  He stayed at @MyPlaceHotels once mid-ride last year and when he posted that he enjoyed his stay, I IMMEDIATELY got in touch with them and talked them into providing him a hotel room each time he stayed in an area they were located!  So we are both responsible for that small sponsorship. I also run his Fan page on Twitter, @RikisRacPac as you all know, and run the Facebook page for the RacPac and continue to keep the Fork In The Road page open.  I run a RikisRacPac on Google+. I just generally share the hell out of all of his projects. 

I also keep the fans active. I talk to every single person that shows an interest in Riki’s activities and life. It is very important to make everyone feel special and to keep track of their passions and to respond to all that reach out. Riki gets too many requests to keep track, so its easier for me to do it — and I love doing it!


What's your favorite part of the Death Wish Community?

It has to be the awesome people that are involved, the people that work for Death Wish, and the fans. I have made some really good friends within the community and the other administrators for the fan page are great people. We have all gotten very close and they are all very supportive of me and my projects, and that is much appreciated.

A highlight of my life will be when I went to LA to Riki’s #Cathouse30 and spent the evening with John Swedish and Mike Brown. It was so much fun and they were very nice to me and true gentlemen! John bought me and my niece who came with us T-shirts and patches!

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