This person is responsible for keeping Death Wish a safe place to work

By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Meet our safety manager, Justin, on the Fueled by Death Cast! 

A lot has changed at Death Wish Coffee Company since its conception in 2012. Heck, a lot has changed in just the last year! When Justin Bailey started on the production floor a year and a half ago, he probably didn't realize that he would soon take on the responsibility of keeping all of the employees here at Death Wish Coffee from hurting ourselves — a most likely difficult and definitely noble task at a coffee company that's so fueled by death we even put it on a shirt.

As our first-ever safety manager, Justin ensures the safety of everyone at DWCC — from administration to shipping and receiving and the production floor. He helps prevent any hazards that could negatively affect us (think spilled coffee beans, keeping a clean workspace, preventing the coffee grinder from developing a mind of its own and munching on all of our bones, etc.). Ultimately, he makes sure that we're in the safest work environment to do what we do best — making the world's strongest coffee. Thanks for doing what you do, Justin! 

Listen to his entire interview on Fueled by Death Cast here and watch this clip from the interview below.  

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