10 memes that show coffee is the only love that matters

By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Valentine’s Day is that special day that comes in February to remind you that the only hot and steamy thing happening in your love life is your coffee. There, there. It’s so easy to forget on a day like this that love is disappointing and coffee is eternal. So, grab a cup of the hot stuff because that love in the air you smell is just the coffee brewing. 

And hey, even if you are in a relationship, we all know that your only true love is coffee anyways.

Brb, sleeping until tomorrow.


Coffee smells better anyways.


And it doesn't forget to put the toilet seat down, either.


Stop crying.


If I had to choose between waking up to your face or coffee every morning, I’d choose coffee. No offense.


I’m pretty much always “in the mood”… for coffee and Netflix. No offense, but coffee never talks during the movie.


Coffee never disappoints and I’m always coming back for more.


If you’re looking to win my heart, you can buy me coffee, make me coffee, or just be coffee.


Until then, coffee is my valentine, and the dark roast wins my heart every time.


If you’d like to be my Valentine, don’t buy me flowers or chocolate. Buy me coffee. 

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