You never have to choose between coffee or wine again

By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Finally, an answer to the age-old question. What do you do when it’s too late for coffee but too early for wine? You never have to choose between coffee or wine ever again with this new coffee-infused wine crafted by the company, Apothic Wine. Earlier this month, Apothic Wine introduced a new, small-batch red wine that is infused with cold brew coffee named Apothic Brew.

The dreamy combination of coffee and wine was brewed up because of the recent cold brew obsession. The wine is described as "an adult beverage that captures the smooth mouth-feel and velvety chocolate notes of cold brew with the juicy blackberry characteristics of a dark red wine."

Apothic Brew is available in limited quantities across the nation, according to the press release. The announcement explains that the idea for a coffee wine was concocted by one of Apothic’s winemakers who just who joined the cold brew trend herself last year.  

“Last year during a long harvest I joined the cold brew crazy myself," Winemaker Deb Juergenson explained. "I realized that many of the characteristics of cold brew coffee and red wine naturally complement each other.”

Following this discovery, the Apothic Wine team started to experiment with red wine blends and eventually came up with a tasty flavor profile of red fruit, coffee, and toasted oak. Even though the wine is infused with coffee, it actually has less caffeine per cup than your average decaf coffee, so go ahead and enjoy it as a nightcap. 

The wine, just like many other red wines, is crafted to be enjoyed at room temp. Oh, and you should probably act fast. Because this is a limited, small-batch release, this adult beverage might be hard to find the longer you wait.


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