Watch our new commercial: The Origin of the World's Strongest Coffee

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Our new commercial is here 

Death Wish Coffee was created by passionate people for passionate people so you can fuel up for your day. And we do our very best to make people aware of Death Wish Coffee through social posts, blogs, podcastsappearing on store shelves, and more. 

When we were strategizing our marketing efforts for 2019, one thing stuck out to us: We hadn't done a broadcast commercial since our Super Bowl Commercial in 2016. So we hit the ground running to get this commercial produced and up and running. 

Our commercial shows you the origin of a coffee bean, but also hints at the origin of Death Wish Coffee as a whole. We started in a small coffee shop in Saratoga Springs, New York, where Mike Brown created a unique blend of beans with 200% more caffeine to wake up his groggy morning customers. Now, we've grown to a point where Death Wish Coffee fuels thousands of people each and every morning. 

Watch the commercial to find out exactly what goes into making our coffee — from sourcing Fair Trade coffee beans and importing it from around the world to roasting it and ultimately filling your coffee mug. 

Thanks so much to Galileo Media Arts in Saratoga Springs for making this commercial a reality. 

As you start to see our commercial, let us know! It'll be on television, social media ads, YouTube, and more.


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