Meet the new faces of Death Wish Coffee Company

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Meet our new team members

Our caffeinated family is growing! Over the last couple of months, we've added some new faces around our office and production facility. 

We've loved adding these awesome people to our team, and we're growing every day. We wanted to take a minute to introduce each of our new team members to you, and if you want to see the rest of the team, you can go here

From left to right: Dave, Doug, Will

Doug Schnell, director of manufacturing operations

Doug, our first-ever director of manufacturing operations, has worked for companies like Starbucks and Cascade Coffee and moved all the way from Seattle to work at Death Wish. He's already doing an amazing job at making sure our production facility is running smoothly, and that we're doing things right on the first try. He has some fantastic T-shirts, too. 

Some fun facts about Doug: 

  • He has an awesome family — his wife's name is Valarye, and they have four kids: Michael, Nick, Ben, and Elizabeth
  • He says he's always been a farmer at heart and collects antique toy tractors as well as anything John Deere
  • He grew up in Villard, Minnesota, a small town of 200 people. His high school class was 22 people total. His family farmed about 3,000 acres of cropland and had 100 dairy cows

Dave Ratzer, sales administrator

Our new sales admin, Dave, has had a long career in sales, working for Live Nation for 11 years and then at DotBlock right here in the Capital Region of New York. He joined the team to help us continue our wholesale push, and he's crushing it so far. 

Some fun facts about Dave: 

  • He can't burp. Seriously. 
  • He doesn't know how to eat soup: "Do you drink it or chew it? Honestly have no idea... just falls out of my mouth when I try."
  • His favorite band is Meshuggah. Hit him up if you want to nerd-out on rhythmic displacement!
  • He once single-handedly won a 3-on-1 basketball game. He was the 1. No big deal.

Will Critcher, direct marketing associate

Will joined the marketing team as our direct marketing associate. He's helping us with our email marketing, our advertising, and more. He runs his own digital marketing agency and used to live in Nevada!

Some fun facts about Will: 

  • He owns 2 boxers, Frankie and Moose. 
  • He hasn't worn a pair of matching socks since 2007.
  • He played professional paintball. 

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