Coffee Break With Nicole Alyse, Vintage Shop Owner & Blogger

By Abdullah Wali — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Store owner and blogger Nicole Alyse breaks down her insane daily coffee habits:   

What is your daily grind? 

Every day is different! One day I'm traveling for a vintage buying trip, the next I'm doing a blogger campaign, the next I'm shooting and then cleaning my shop all night. My grind isn't just daily... it's 24/7. Now you know why I love coffee so much ;)

How and when do you drink coffee?

When it comes to coffee, I do not discriminate. I love ALL coffee. I always mix it up. I am vegan tho, so the only thing I don't do when it comes to coffee is dairy!

I drink coffee when I get up (which also ranges in hours depending on what adventure I had the day before or what I have to tackle that day) and usually again during the afternoon or late evening.


Why do you love coffee? 

I just feel more myself when I'm drinking it. Maybe because it's become my signature accessory over the years.. but really because it's just something I look forward to, can enjoy with friends or alone, and it just puts me in a good mood. I'm literally smiling while typing this.. just thinking about coffee. SEE! haha

What’s on your coffee table? 

I try to keep my coffee table clear (duh.. more room for coffee!) but I do have a vase with monstera leaves in it.

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