Zakk Wylde 'Can't Wait To See His Shaved Legs' In The New Odinforce Comic

By Jeff Ayers — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

It all started with a single question: What really happened to the Vikings from the commercial in The Big Game? From there, an epic idea for a comic book started to take shape, and 'Death Wish Coffee Presents: ODINFORCE #1 was born.

After the events of issue one, we decided this would not be the end of the adventures of Halfdan and his band of Vikings. So taking inspiration from the Yeti mug that Death Wish Coffee released last year, writer Ron Marz starting crafting a whole new story for the heroes. This time they meet a very special guest, the legendary Zakk Wylde, who help them deal with the gigantic frozen threat of the Yeti. 

I asked Zakk Wylde himself what he thought about being immortalized in a comic book. Zakk responded, "I have been looking forward to this! I can't wait to see my shaved legs."

We were incredibly lucky to get the same creative team from the first issue: writer Ron Marz, artist Rick Leonardi, and cover artist Joe Jusko. Joe is known for his awesome fully painted works of art which is a rarity in the new digital age of comic books. 

Upon hearing about this comic idea of Vikings fighting a giant mythical beast, Joe jumped at the chance. "One of the favorite things I have done. A REALLY fun piece", Joe said of the finished product.

He even was kind enough to include progress shots of the epic scene he painted for the cover. (Photos below).

Make sure to pick up Death Wish Coffee Presents: ODINFORCE #2 The Curse Of The Yeti from and at New York Comic Con 2017 for the whole story and exclusive interview with Ron Marz, Rick Leonardi, Joe Jusko and Zakk Wylde.

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