Our online Facebook community reached 10K members today

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By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

We get it because it’s our grind. Every single step has led us to this moment.

Today, we reached 10K highly caffeinated members strong in The Official Death Wish Coffee Community Facebook group. THANK YOU! We could not have done it without YOU.

The group was formed in 2016 by a group of die-hard Death Wish Coffee fans who welcomed in other fans of the brand who wanted to share the love for “The greatest coffee company ever”. Thanks so much, Timmy Medley. We appreciate you, and everyone here, who got us to 10K members strong.

Also, we wanted to give a HUGE “Mugs up!” to the group Admins – Jason Heath, Gail Dunmeyer, Timmy Medley, Johnny Duke Sizemore, Holly Snyder, Gary Crawford II, Jamie Robinson, John Swedish, Ed Garrett, CJ Man, Lisa Wallarab, Amy Smith, and Stephen Youker. All of you keep this group running smoothly, keep us active, and keep us all in check when the group rules are not followed. Don’t catch yourself being “that guy”.

Jason Heath, you created this group for all of us to enjoy and for that, 10K “Thank yous” are simply not enough. Some have been here for years and some are just discovering their love of Death Wish Coffee. Either way, we are all happy to be here in this space you’ve created for so many.

Community support matters and just look at what we’ve done as a collective for Special Olympics New York, Operation Sandbox, and others. You guys are real rock stars and continue to make someone’s day a little brighter with your generous donations.  Here’s to the next decade drinking the World’s Strongest Coffee and being surround by the best group of folks any company could ask for.

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