We're ramping up production at HQ

By Kristen Underwood — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

For almost two years, Kristen has been managing the Death Wish Coffee office. You can find her organizing employee events, paying bills, writing blogs, and most importantly, brewing coffee for the crew on a daily basis. 

In this What’s Brewing at HQ series, Kristen tells the world what’s going on behind the scenes at Death Wish Coffee Headquarters.


Our small, yet highly caffeinated team here at Death Wish packs a mean punch when it comes to putting in the work and effort to become recognized in the coffee industry. Being the second most traded commodity in the world, it’s no secret that it isn’t going anywhere. That being said, it was time to upgrade a few things at HQ to keep the never-ending supply of “The World’s Strongest Coffee” pumping through the industry’s veins.


New machine
As our company expands, to meet customer demands we decided to bring in a Form Pack machine to make sure the job gets done efficiently and more time-effectively.  As we see the growth of our customer-base continue to grow, we found this necessary to better manage our time and processes overall. With new equipment in-house, we now have a lot more control on time and the quality of our products.

New machines, new employees
We're currently on the hunt for a new production worker to add to our dedicated team. Production has been crushing numbers and continuing the trend every week. If there's a team to take notes on, this is the one.

Our new CFO, Tim O'Connor, started recently. He's been a great asset to our team in several ways. To have the experience of someone who has grown businesses substantially in a financial aspect is priceless. He's already getting his hands dirty in every department and learning the ins and outs so he can help us reach our fullest potential. Welcome, Tim!

A better way to track packages
To better accommodate our loyal community, we're looking into a solution for better tracking methods for your shipments. Stay tuned for more information on that.


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