Alabama events raise thousands for Riki's Ride

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Riki's Ride has officially passed the $17,000 mark for Stop Soldier Suicide — and part of that milestone is thanks to successful events in Alabama. 

Riki Rachtman and Lea Vendetta are traveling the United States on a motorcycle to raise money for this veteran organization. The organization provides mental health counseling, housing assistance, emergency financial aid, alternative therapies, and more. 

Riki's Ride at Ice Dreams Ice Cream and Coffee Shop.

The duo stopped at two places for events — River Perk in Wetumpka and Ice Dreams Ice Cream and Coffee Shop in Fort Mitchell. Each event had live music, the chance to meet Riki and Lea, Death Wish Coffee, and more (local media even showed up to Ice Dreams). Riki and Lea both had the chance to meet local veterans and those who have been impacted by soldier suicide.

RIki's Ride at River Perk.

Ice Dreams Ice Cream and Coffee Shop raised a total of $3,270 through donations and a silent auction for a Riki's Ride mug, and their event brought in hundreds of people. River Perk raised more than $1,700 through donations. All of these proceeds go directly toward Riki's Ride and Stop Soldier Suicide. 

This mug was auctioned off at Ice Dreams to raise money for Stop Soldier Suicide. The ending bid was $1,010 and the bid was matched for a total of $2,010.

"This event helped bring suicide awareness to light and that's something that needs to be talked about and brought to light," Keith Walls, owner and operator of Ice Dreams Ice Cream and Coffee shop said.

There's still time to donate and to help Riki and Lea meet their $18,000 goal. Donate here.

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