Meet Scott Minzy, the artist behind our St. Patrick's Day mug medallion

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Scott Minzy and his artistic depiction of Caorthannach

At Death Wish, we're always looking for artistic representations of our coffee. We're lucky to be connected to so many creative individuals who send us or tag us in their amazing works of art, and we love to collaborate with them in any way we can. 

So when we were looking for an artist to do our St. Patrick's Day mug, we knew exactly who to ask.

Scott Minzy is a printmaker, lo-fi animator, and doodler who focuses on fear, regret, and longing. 

"I find relief printing a way to depict both our inner turmoil and the outer physicality of the human form at once. Sometimes this might appear on the surface of the skin or take the shape of an organic growth or painfully permanent subtraction," he says on his website

For our St. Patrick's Day mug, we couldn't think of a more perfect match than for Scott to do an artistic depiction of Caorthannach for St. Patrick's Day. He took inspiration from this Irish folklore and made a linocut print for us to use (watch how he did this in the videobelow).

This Irish folklore dates back thousands of years. Long before St. Patrick, Caorthannach — the Celtic fire-spitter and Mother of the Devil — hatched deep inside the molten core of the earth. There, she waited. And her children, in the form of snakes, descended upon Ireland for centuries before St. Patrick received a message to save Ireland from evil by banning snakes from the Emerald Isle.

While St. Patrick was successful in ridding snakes from Ireland and allegedly destroying Caorthannach, legend has it that Caorthannach is not dead or banished — she’s simply waiting for the right time to re-emerge. Let's hope that doesn't happen any time soon.

The final product Scott gave us is nothing short of breathtaking — and we can't wait to release the mug. Check back to find out more about this mug, including a release date and glaze, and make sure to text MUGS to 484848 to find out the moment this beauty drops.

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