Coming in September: Boxers, pumpkin mug, sweatpants and more

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Here's what we're releasing in September

Ah, September – the month where it's socially acceptable to sip on pumpkin coffee and break out the fall wardrobe. If I want to wear a scarf in 80-degree weather, just let me be. 

This month, we have a lot of exciting releases that we think you're going to really enjoy. We even have some surprises that we aren't ready just yet to reveal, but they're going to blow your pants off. If I were you, I'd definitely stock up on some Death Wish boxers.  

Below we list through some of our upcoming releases — is there something you want to see from Death Wish? Give us a shout on social media or through customer service and let us know! 

A male pictured from the waist down wearing black Death Wish Coffee boxer shorts

Death Wish Boxers

What's better than drinking coffee than drinking coffee with no pants on? NOTHING. This completely logical reasoning is exactly why we've released Death Wish Boxers, available now. These boxers are black with our skull and crossbones logo, and are perfect to wear to lounge around the house, as pajamas, or, of course, as underwear.

Get yours here.

An orange coffee mug with a Death Wish Pumpkin logo sits next to a matching patch and a bag of Death Wish Pumpkin Coffee

Cauldron Pumpkin Deneen Pottery Mug - Golden Ticket and Full Release

Death Wish Cauldron-Aged Pumpkin Coffee is here, and now you can drink your favorite pumpkin coffee out of a matching mug. This orange Deneen Pottery mug is coming out soon, and Golden Ticket day is just around the corner. 

If you don't know what Golden Ticket Day is, we've got you covered.


For those times when you can't drink coffee with no pants on (like when you're in-laws are over), we thought sweatpants would be the next best thing. These black sweatpants have Death Wish Coffee horizontally printed down the right leg.

Stay tuned for photos!

Other surprises we're not ready to share yet

Great things take time. We're still perfecting some Death Wish Coffee products that we're not ready to share just yet, but we're hoping they're here this month so you can enjoy them for the beginning of fall. But we promise you you'll love them. Keep an eye on your email, on our social media, and on the Fueled by Death Show (every Wednesday at 7 p.m. LIVE on Facebook and Twitch).


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