Six cups of coffee a day can be good for heart health, according to science

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

How does drinking coffee affect
your heart health? 

Drinking up to six cups of coffee a day may be healthy for people with heart problems and who are at risk of cardiac arrest, according to new research.

If you needed another reason to go pour yourself that extra cup, there it is. 

The review of 11 major international studies involving 360,000 people found that while six cups of coffee a day (with about 95 mg of caffeine per serving) can be healthy, though, the sweet spot is around three. The research comes out of Australia, yes, the same country that is adding broccoli powder to their coffee. But at least this study makes up for it. 

The study found that caffeine has no effect on ventricular arrhythmias — aka rapid or abnormal heart beats. The findings of the study show that coffee could actually reduce the frequency of irregular heartbeats. 

“Coffee certainly increases your resting heart rate, but it doesn’t cause an abnormal heartbeat,” Lead author and professor Peter Kistler told the Herald Sun. “There is a public perception, often based on anecdotal experience, that caffeine is a common trigger for heart rhythm problems. Our extensive review of the medical literature suggests this is not the case.”

It's commonly known that coffee is packed with health benefits when you leave out the extra additives. It helps curb depression, is your liver's best friend, and even helps you exercise better. It also lowers your risk of heart failure and other heart-related diseases

“If you look broadly, beyond heart rhythm problems, regular coffee drinkers are at lower risk of heart failure,” Prof Kistler added in his interview. “There is some evidence they may live longer and have better moods with lower rates of depression and stroke. Whichever way you look at it, coffee is a good thing.”

But drinking more than six cups a day can contribute to an abnormally beating heart, so don't go too crazy. Make sure you pay attention to the caffeine content you're consuming a day. Plus, make sure to consult with your doctor if you're concerned about your heart health. 

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