Skol!: Netflix's Norsemen returns for a third season

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By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

“Norsemen” isn’t your typical show about Vikings, and we are excited that it’s getting a third season that is dropping this week.

SFGate reports that Season 3 of “Norsemen” is available on Netflix now.

If you set a course for another show while surfing Netflix, you’re not alone. The thumbnail looks similar to others centered around pillaging. However, this show isn’t your typical Viking-centric fanfare – it’s a comedy with a sense of humor found on shows like ”The Office.”

 “A couple of minutes into the first episode, it becomes clear that this is not another story of Dragon Queen meets Hot Wolf Guy,” according to the SF Gate article. “As the Viking soldiers return home after a round of pillaging, a cowardly villager asks to hear stories of the most special moments.”

Special moments, indeed. It’s not every day we get epic cinematography that is donned in time period-appropriate clothing and swaddled in great humor. Horns on a helmet should be taken seriously – all in the name of fashion, of course.  

If you’re looking for a different journey taken by Vikings, perhaps be packed and ready to go check out the Netflix return of “Norsemen.”

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