Skull-shaped 'Death' Comet to fly by earth

By Jeff Ayers — / Death Wish Coffee Blog


Is this what happens when you send the world's strongest coffee into space? Not really, but that doesn't change the fact there is a skull-shaped comet out in the universe. 

(Artist representation)

NASA had originally dubbed near-Earth asteroid 2015 TB145 as "The Great Pumpkin" when it was discovered in 2015. But thanks to enhanced images of the space rock, many are now calling it a Skull Comet. We like to think of it as "DEATH COMET" — it is spookier that way.

(Actual image of the skull-shaped asteroid)

This is actually the second time this asteroid is flying by Earth, the first time in 2015 it was 1.3 lunar distances to our planet. This time it will be much farther at 105 lunar distances. (A lunar distance is a distance between the Earth and the Moon.)

The skull-shaped "DEATH COMET" is 2,300 feet in diameter and is known as a 'dead' comet because it is cometary in origin but doesn't have a coma, or the glowing aura that usually surrounds a comet.

If we send more coffee up into space, will that mean we can get more of these spooky skull-shaped rocks? (Click here to find out all the info on Death Wish Coffee in Space.)

Check out the Science segment on our recent Fueled By Death Show where our hosts break down all the information on this comet and also report on exciting news from Japan as they landed two rovers on an asteroid.


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