Flavor Profile: Sleeping With Sirens

By Jeff Ayers — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

When you're on tour most of the year, routines are extremely important. Just ask Nick Martin, guitarist of the popular rock band Sleeping With Sirens. Nick has been touring nonstop for almost ten years and he's got his (coffee specific) routine down to a science. Recently, we caught up with him to see what keeps him going and to get a little insight into a what it's like to live a day in his life. 


What is your name?

Nick Martin

What do you do in the band?

I play guitar and occasionally throw a scream or two in there.

What is a normal routine for you on tour?

I am the one person in the band who gets up extremely early in the mornings. Everyone else sleeps until the afternoons, I get up as early as possible because it is my alone time. that is actually when I like to go get coffee by myself and get ripped up in the morning and take on the day.

Speaking of coffee, how do you like to drink yours?

Just straight up black. I am a big cold brew guy, I just like anything dark. I don't want cream, I don't want sugar - just straight to the point.

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